About us

The East Cliff Creatives was founded by a handful of artisans who found they all lived on the same little street in Folkestone, Kent and wanted to help each other out.  

Initially, a WhatsApp group was formed to keep in touch and share local information. 

Informal ‘coffee catch ups’ followed, giving an opportunity for those working in isolation to escape and meet fellow creatives.

The group has worked together, drawing on our collective skills to establish this website as a way to share individual’s news and collaborative events with the local community and the big wide world.

Through word-of-mouth, we have quickly grown beyond the street that started it all with members joining us from other parts of East Kent.

Through networking and collaboration, our hope is that the East Cliff Creatives will become a valuable resource whilst we deliver our own community art projects.   

We believe creativity can take many forms, and that belief is reflected in the wide range of skills our members possess.

We aim to provide an informal, social, supportive and proactive environment to help local creatives pursue their artistic endeavours no matter where their talents lie.