08/03/19 - Week Twelve - Rivers of My Father: From Folkestone to India by Dominic Pillai

I suddenly realised the importance of capturing these memories before it was too late.


25/02/19 - Week Eleven - How I found Pyrography by Mishi Regan

I can’t beat the therapeutic feeling I get from burning my designs into the wood.

17/02/19 - Week Ten - My First Months Freelancing by Amy Louise Kolsteren

Take time to practice your craft without the pressure of delivering for clients.

10/02/19 - Week Nine - My Route To Illustrating Books for Children by Sheena Dempsey

I am really enjoying where I am right now, and I think it’s important to make hay while the sun shines

31/01/19 - Week Eight - Why is everyone moving to Folkestone? by James Paul Smith

Folkestone is such a welcoming town with a unique buzz, you physically feel when you walk around.

24/01/19 - Week Seven - Inside the voice box​ by Peter Halpin

I have been the voice of so many weird and wonderful things - mystical video game characters, a carton of soy milk, members of the mafia on the BBC, impersonating Bear Grylls on a US radio commercial… the list goes on!

03/01/19 - Week Four - How I carved out my niche in linoprinting - by Amanda Angus

I think the universe got impatient with me faffing about half heartedly with crochet and watercolours and decided to give me a shove in the right direction! And that unassuming little paint palette is now my logo!

27/12/18 - Week Three - Living my dream! (or the long and winding road to knitting as an art form) - by Deborah Nash

'I am hoping to spread the joy and teach many more people in the future the beauty of this craft.'

18/12/18 - Week Two - Creating Sound Art Installation – Listening Huts by Clare Reeves

'Sometimes as a Sound Artist, you have an idea and you just HAVE to create a piece. It’s like it needs to escape your mind and get out into the public domain..'

11/12/18 - Week One - The Story (So Far!) Of Our Beach Art Collaboration - by Ben Braudy

'With each piece we have tried to introduce a new technique, partly to experiment, but also to keep it interesting both for the audience and ourselves.'