The definition of Multiplicity is “the quality or state of being multiple or various”. We have taken that idea to create a photographic collaboration with students from the Priory Fields School in Dover.

Over 6 weeks each student will design and create a simple story told through a single photographic image. This ‘story’ image will include the student but seen multiple times within the frame.

Once the scene is photographed, the students will use digital paint tools to combine the multiple versions of themselves into one single image.  There is plenty of scope to be creative and a chance to learn something fun and new.

Week One

The Multiplicity project involves 9 students from the Priory Fields School in Dover.  In week 1 Angus spoke to the children about his background in Film Visual Effects and showed some examples of digital cloning which the kids will create themselves over the next 6 weeks.
The children then formed 3 groups of 3 to work together.  They each had to come up with their own project plan and sketch out their ideas.

Several different ideas came out of the discussions, some more elaborate than others. The challenge for the students will be to shoot, edit and finish their project within the limited time available. No different from the professional world!